Macrison’s 4 Levels of strategic marketing services

These will establish the direction and principals for all further marketing activity.


We get to the root cause of any problems impacting on your business

Solve the Right Problems

Marketing is more expensive and less effective without proper analysis


Our approach to reseach is about learning from the past and preparing for the future

Knowlege is Power

Gathering as much relevant info as possible is key to marketing success


We design and document marketing plans and actions to grow your business

Avoid Knee Jerk Reactions

The plan provides the mission, vision and direction. It keeps everyone focused


We determine and lock in budgets and are accountable to ROI's for your business

Go Forward with Confidence

We build a marketing mix in accordance with strategy, we work to allocated budgets and deliver the best mix of solutions on time and on budget

Strategy Is So Important

The key to great marketing is having a realistic, honest and implementable strategy. This requires committed and determined leadership. It requires focus and courage so that everyone in the business knows what’s required of them and are working towards success. Having everyone on the same page and working towards common goals with consistency will ensure your strategies are realised


Analysis starts with asking key stakeholders and business decision makers a few questions to get to the heart of any business problems. Sometimes more complex analysis is needed and if so we will explore this with you during initial discussions. Often however, meetings with the key stakeholders in the business will bring any core problems to the surface. Where more complex analysis is needed this may include customer surveys, staff surveys or supplier surveys. For example, if the problem identified is sales being down, jumping straight to advertising won’t work, if in fact, the core problem for sales being down is staff moral or a product limitation. Trying to solve the wrong problem leads to ineffective and very expensive marketing


Our research offerings take many forms. Often it can just be digging out as much information as we can find to validate a finding or give meaning to a way forward. Other times if could be focus groups or surveys. The point of being open to research is that knowledge is power and with that power the ability to market cost effectively and decisively grows exponentially. Research doesn’t have to be expensive either, however what ever time can be afforded to gathering critical and relevant information to ensure we are recommending and implementing the right plan is undertaken.


A business without a short, medium and long term marketing plan is merely a cork bobbing in the ocean never knowing where it might end up. Sometimes they have good outcomes but more often then not, they float along aimlessly until they sink. A lot of detail and various levels of strategy and tactics are required to run a successful business. However we don’t put in place plans for our clients and then put them in a draw. We implement them. We analyze results against targets and review and revise as needed and on the go. Our approach to planning is dynamic and we’re about engaging every part of the business on the journey so all stakeholders are invested in the businesses success.


Marketing is an investment in your business and a key outcome must always be a positive return on your investment. We scope and cost out our recommendations and will always present the best marketing mix for your budget. Macrison will always work to budgets. We are a fixed priced operator so there are never any nasty surprises when you do business with us. Our job is to make your business more money. Any marketer who doesn’t understand that’s their role, is high risk and likely to have minimal impact on how your business performs.

Why Choose Us

      • We know business. We get that you’re talking to us to grow your business
      • Our success is dependent on your success. We are focused on results
      • There are no surprises with us. We’re engaged, upfront and honest
      • We’ve years of experience and a proven track record across all facets of business
      • We deliver on time and on budget. We provide many services but sell results

What Our Clients Say

We approached Macrison when we were looking for ways to grow our business. They were great; very professional. They really listened to what was going on in our business and then came through with some ideas for ways to get better results. We were very happy with the services and the results they helped us achieve. We found them very reasonably priced as well.

Angus McDonald – McSparx Electrical and Data

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Strategy and Planning First

Because getting your marketing right is everything.
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