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Managing marketing for results is more difficult today than ever. Despite some of the best tools and technologies available, there is more waste and less accountability to performance. Our CMSI approach is a unique framework to ensure optimal use of all available marketing strategies and solutions for optimal results for your business.

Consultative Marketing and Solutions Implementation


There are four questions that underpin any strategy and platform for great marketing. They are:


What business are we in?


Are we generating maximum revenue and profit?


If not, why not?


What do I need to do or change to address any of the issues?



When you take the time and commit honestly to answering these questions you may find that what you thought was required is completely different to what comes through as a better path.

Therefore, our CMSI (Consultative marketing Solutions Implementation) framework builds these questions and their answers into the focus of every function of your business.

There are some not negotiable fundamentals to CMSI. They are:


  • Marketing is your business. Everything that your business does to generate revenue is marketing and is up for scrutiny under CMSI


  • Every part of your business contributes to revenue generation and they are all integrated and co-dependent


  • Consider every part of your business in the equation to better revenue. If you don’t do this your marketing efforts will cost more and underperform


  • Everything within the CMSI mix is liquid, dynamic and bound to change. CMSI makes sure you’re ready for this.


There are no rules. In CMSI, you make your own game plan and follow your own path to success.


If you follow the CMSI model you will find the abstract world of modern marketing will revert to a very orderly and structured approach focused solely on driving your business.

To put the concept into a practical example. Often businesses come to us wanting to implement an advertising campaign. In some cases, no amount of advertising is going to address the real marketing issues in the business.

If we go ahead an implement an advertising campaign, when it doesn’t change the results or generate more revenue then everyone is disappointed and frustrated.

With digital and social advertising appearing so cheap, companies are investing valuable time, resources and budgets to campaigns that are going to have little or no impact on your goals.

With this in mind, our CMSI model reduces the risk of investment in marketing activities that distract business from its primary goal.

Consultative Marketing and Solutions Implementation


In our Consultative Marketing Solutions Implementation framework (CMSI) often what most excites our customers is the diversity of solutions that have the potential to grow their business.

One thing we want to stress very clearly is that we are open to any and all ideas, all available products and any technologies. Our simple premise is that they must get the best results for our customers.

We have recommended and managed a variety of solutions that include:


  • Digital Marketing


  • Social Media Marketing


  • Content Marketing


  • SEO


  • App and Technology development


  • Traditional media and advertising


  • Unique and Novel solutions


What makes Macrison unique is that we are able to provide a combination of all the services required for your marketing. In doing this, we ensure every aspect of any solutions is working in complete unison and harmony with every element required for success.

It is impossible for multiple service providers to this.

Our marketing manpower model in the next section provides information on how our business model allows us to provide total and comprehensive solutions across every area in the marketing mix.

How Do We Service and Price for CMSI


The premise of Consultative Marketing Solutions Implementation (CMSI) is an uninhibited consultative relationship between our clients and us. To achieve this, we knew  we needed to give clients the peace of mind that they could talk to us about anything, anytime. So to provide this we needed to reconstruct our servicing and pricing models.

Our solution was to position and price so that we fit within our clients as if we were employees. To achieve this we provided our clients with full access to their Macrison CMSI team. The team includes:


  • Strategist


  • Relationship Manager


  • Digital Marketing Manager


  • Creative Team Manager


  • Development and Tech Manager


Each of these team members works to an agreed strategy and plan that is signed off between the client and our strategist. Our team, whilst undertaking Solutions Implementation provides analytics and reporting regularly to assess results and makes sure collectively we are always on point with next steps.

Further to this team structure we needed the model to make commercial sense from a finance perspective. Our job, of course, is to grow your revenue, so our pricing needed to make sense in this context.


CMSI Pricing


What we did to address this was to build a fixed pricing capability into our service offering. So our CMSI service provides access to the CMSI team for a fixed monthly fee. The fee may vary from client to client but as a guide, you can have access to our entire CMSI resource model for a price that is along the lines of employing a mid-tier marketing specialist.

The mix of expertise in your CMSI team generates significant savings across the marketing budgets as much of what you would pay an agency for, by the hour, is included in our fixed price CMSI model.

The economics just makes sense and to our knowledge, we’re the only marketing company in the world who operates this way.

CMSI – Professionalism, Accountability and Results


Macrison understands that as a Consultative Marketing and Solutions Implementation service provider, we need to be as accountable to your business as an employee. Like any employee under CMSI, we work to service level agreements and KPI’s.

There are two things our customers can count on:


1. They are always fully across and involved in the consultative and implementation process.


2. CMSI, in and of itself, brings structure, order, discipline and a helicopter view to all the marketing of your business.


We achieve the above through the implementation and management of :


1. service level agreements


2. strategic plans


3. tight budgets


4. KPI’s


Our Consultative Marketing Solutions Implementation service offering guarantees lower costs, less waste and better results. The broad yet detailed focus of CMSI  ensures your building and implementing broad and effective marketing models to optimise revenue generation and profit.

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