Starting the Customer Journey


Your Local Greengrocer is a not for profit, member-driven marketing and advocacy group. They market and advocate for the independent supply of Australian fresh Produce.

Their membership consists of independent wholesale and retail outlets who compete with the major supermarket chains. On a daily basis, our members strive to supply quality fresh Australian produce to Australian consumers.

When Macrison was engaged by Your Local Greengrocer we found ourselves dealing with a client with enormous potential but little hard data. This made building a comprehensive marketing plan very challenging. Who was the customer and how do we communicate with them?

There were two obvious steps. We needed a customer-centric website with data gathering capabilities. We also needed to commence building a strong social media platform.
Whi is the customer


The Key features of a Customer-Centric Website:


The website needed to feature the strength of the membership down to the individual member level

The site needed to offer a store locator

The site needed the functionality to capture consumer data

We needed to launch with content based on experience, assumptions and informal research

The site needed to be able to evolve as our knowledge of the customer evolved


Expanding the Customer Story on Social Media


The experience, assumptions and informal research gleaned from the website development gave us some sense of how to approach social media.

At the time, Facebook was the go-to platform.

We knew by building this platform we would gather huge amounts of insight into the potential customer.

Who would like the page? Why?

What sort of content was getting a reaction? Why?

A picture of the customer started to emerge. We learned more about the hot buttons the triggered emotions of customers.

We were on our way.


A Campaign to Capture the imagination and the data of our customers.


The next step was to come up with a ‘Kick-Ass’ campaign. One that would put our client and the brand on the map.

We needed to be sure we captured the imagination of people so that we could build a reliable and credible database of passionate consumers.

For more information on the campaign – click here (It’s a case study in its own right)

Suffice to say, at the end of the exercise we had achieved a database of 130,000 passionate consumers.

 million dollar mango


Customer Surveys have helped us Learn


Now we were in a position to go direct to the source to get an understanding of who our customer was!

We learned:

a. They love Australian grown fruit and vegetable

b. They are passionate about Australian farming and our farmers getting a fair go

c. They believe in family and small businesses

d. They support local community business

e. They recognise and respect the expertise and quality of the greengrocer

f. They understood the importance of fresh produce on health and well-being

g. They hate the impact of the supermarket chains in this industry

h. They hate to see the misuse of market power causing long-term harm to our country

i. They are passionate Australians

At an industry level we also learned that across that killer promotion and a number of subsequent promotions, we were generating on average 7 new customers per member store. Given our goal is to shift share away from the major supermarkets. This is a number we are very excited about. There is a market for our client and if we can reach out to potential customers with substance, consumer behaviour can be changed.
Who is my customer


Staying in touch with the Customer


We now knew who our customers were and also how great our customers were. We had a greater sense of how to communicate with them and what sort of things they wanted to hear from us.
From here we were able to set up and implement a communications plan. This included:

a. Regular fortnightly newsletters with farming stories, produce stories, greengrocer stories, health tips and so much more. These newsletters enjoy above-average open and click-through rates.

b. Social media content became more targeted to our consumer interests. This has resulted in higher consumer engagement.

c. Our website content has been updated with cooking recipes. We’ve added produce content including when things are in season and so much more.

There is no doubt the Your Local Greengrocer and the Australian Fresh Produce Industry faces many challenges going forward. However, they now have a passionate network of customers who are ardently on this journey with them. What an enviable position to be in.

Macrison is very proud of our work and the part we have played in the journey of ‘Your Local Greengrocer’
Fruit and Veg

  • Achievement one – created a client database of highly engaged customers. The database currently sits on 130,000 people.
  • Achievement two – created a powerful and highly engaging facebook platform enjoying of 15,000 active followers.
  • Achievement three – have built the Your Local Greengrocer brand from low recognition and engagement within industry and with consumers to one of the most highly valued and regarded brands in Australian fresh produce.