The Client: Your Local Greengrocer

A not for profit marketing and advocacy group for the independent supply chain of Australian fresh produce.

The Business Objective:

To drive consumers into independent retail outlets to purchase all their fruit and vegetables.

The Challenge:

The revenue to run the program is generated by wholesale and retail membership of the program. The available revenue is not commensurate with the enormity of the challenge which is to change consumer behaviour at two levels:-

a. Shift share away from Supermarkets to independent retail for the purchase of fruit and vegetables

b. Minimise fast food uptake and drive greater consumer consumption of fruit and vegetables


Introducing the Million Dollar Mango Campaign…


‘How to build a game-changing campaign that changes attitudes within your business, your industry and with your existing and prospective customers?’


million dollar mango

Campaign Development:

a. We knew the budget we had to work with.

b. We had access to 2 high profile events in the Sydney Markets where we could culminate a promotion. We would get television coverage and a mile of PR at no cost to the budget. They were the Sydney Markets annual Mango and Cherry Auctions for charity.

c. We had a 100 stores across NSW who through membership would participate in the promotion

d. We had a reasonably cynical membership so we needed to really make a statement with this promotion

The Game…

After some serious brainstorming, we came up with a game idea. What if we could give away something huge, like a million dollars by one lucky customer randomly picking out a mango at the annual Mango Auction.

The juices were really flowing but could we make this work. The first thing was we didn’t have a million dollars…

Back to the budget – what were the must-haves and what would they cost to make this promotion fly.

a. Every store had to feel fully a part of the promotion. We decided we needed to make sure someone from every store won a prize.

b. We knew we needed to kit out every store with exceptional point of sale

c. We knew we had to advertise the promotion as heavily as the budget would afford.

After all the homework and research we came up with the following…

Make a purchase of $20 worth of fruit and veg from any member store to enter

Enter online at our client website (data capture)

Advertise above the line in Sydney CBD where bulk of membership was. Supported by digital and social advertising with a heavy emphasis on geo-targeting of these ads for our regional members.

At the end of the campaign, a winner from every store won a prize. Those 100 winners went into a secondary draw. 10 names were drawn to play for the million dollar mango.

These 10 people were invited to the markets – one would take home a car and that person won the right to play for the Million Dollar Mango, the other nine players took home an additional prize from the one they won in-store.

In order to afford the million dollar giveaway – we needed the game to have the odds of 1 in 500. So we built a display of 500 mangoes for the day each numbered 1 to 500.

Key outcomes:

130,000 entries

$1.7m in free publicity

The following videos give you a feel for the event

‘So how did a game-changing campaign change attitudes within your business, your industry and with your existing and prospective customers?’

The concept was so revolutionary and so bold that everyone in the industry was talking about the promotion. Our members felt it was a campaign comparable to what the supermarkets would run. Customers who had always shopped at their greengrocer were talking about the campaign. People who had never shopped at a greengrocer went in so they could enter. They got to experience first hand the quality and knowledge offered by our members when it came to buying fruit and veg.

The program enjoyed an increase in membership which generated greater revenue for future campaigns.


We pulled off this entire 3 month campaign for under $250,000