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The website is the most important online tool for any business. Yet, very few of them are built properly. This is because the focus is more on what they look like instead of what they are supposed to do. Macrison builds strong websites! They look good but more importantly, they are functional and will work hard for your business.


Step 1 – For a strong Website


Think SEO first! To get SEO right you must start the process by analysing what it is about your business that will attract someone to your website? We need to define these attributes into search terms. The art here is to put yourself into the mindset of the person searching. What words or phrases will they type into a search engine when looking for the services your business provides? Once these are defined we build these words and phrases into the copy on your website. It sounds simple but it isn’t always. These days keywords are highly competitive, in fact, your competitors should be doing the same thing. A simple way to find out whether they are doing SEO well is to use one of your common search phrases and see whether your competition appears on page 1 of the search.

You may or may not decide to invest more in SEO optimisation once your site is up and running. Macrison will guarantee though that your website and SEO will be ready for all future optimisation activities. Macrison can even perform further SEO optimisation for you. That’s a separate discussion.


Step 2 – For a strong Website


What is your e-commerce potential and what is the best platform to capitalise on this? Online sales are growing. There is an art to maximising your growth in online sales and your website is absolutely pivotal to this. If you’re just venturing into the area we can guide you to the best platforms and user experience for your business and your potential clients. Similarly, if you are looking for a stronger website because your e-sales is under-performing, we have the in-house skills to analyse, assess, make recommendations and even custom design attributes that will enhance your online sales results.

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Step 3 – For a strong Website


Do you choose a template or a custom build? Macrison offers both alternatives but recommends a custom build. We recommend this because it adds another layer of cybersecurity to your website. We are not suggesting this to create fear. It’s just that popular templates have more people with access to the coding which makes them a higher risk for hacking. A custom build means fewer people have access to the code. Regardless of your choice, Macrison ensures you have full access and control of your website and are able to make adds, moves and changes yourself, whether custom built or template based. Neither does it affect our pricing.


Step 4 – For a strong Website


You must have ease of use and agility in content management. Macrison uses standard content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal. We still find most of our clients wanting to use WordPress because they have used it before. We are flexible, our aim is to set you up on a content management system that works best for you. Our custom build websites are also housed in these content management systems so our clients can still do their adds, moves and changes quickly and as their business demands.


Step 5 – For a strong Website


You must have forms and a database. Not having forms on your website is like having a sales rep visit a prospective client and not leave a business card. It is true that many people will not complete a form but it was true in years gone by that many a business card was filed and never looked at again. Remember, for all those who don’t fill in a form the few who do could mean big business for you! Macrison can build forms into your website and set up a database system for you. We can even manage it for you…  but that’s for a separate discussion.


Step 6 – For a strong Website


A unique and appealing look and feel plus a positive user experience. (UX) Design and UX can be such a sensitive topic when building a strong website. Ease of navigation and finding the information you’re after quickly and efficiently is very important. This is what we refer to as the user experience. There is a reason why this is a high priority. To put it simply, we want the website to meet the needs of the visitor in a way that inspires them to buy off you. Finally, we come to the design. Our focus on design is to be fresh, clean and appealing. As with any piece of art, we are never going to please everyone. Some will criticise a website purely on the design even when it makes a client bucket loads of money. When it comes to look and feel the most important people to us are you and your team. You have to like and feel good about it. You need to understand the site from a big picture perspective and understand that some people will tell you they love it and others will tell you they don’t, based on what it looks like. Just remember, a strong website is less about what it looks like and more about its strong sales support functionality.


Why Macrison?


If our six steps to building a strong website don’t convince you we are the right people to build your website, these additional characteristics and traits will help.


1. Once we quote on your website build the price is fixed and we will complete your strong website to your satisfaction without any additional or hidden costs.


2. We take care of everything from writing copy to producing or sourcing images to assisting keyword research and more.


3. We are a fun and friendly organisation but we are also absolutely passionate about the quality and service we provide. We get most of our new website work through referrals from those we have already built sites for.


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