Why in-housing doesn’t work for SME’s

By: Joan Macdougal - April 11, 2019

Over the last twenty years, the marketing services landscape has changed. Let’s face it marketing has changed! Once advertising agencies were the creative vehicles for getting brand messages out across traditional media platforms. Today, the internet and the variety of digital communications channels has turned the marketing world on its head. For years, business has explored and utilised outsourced marketing, especially with creative. Lately, however, more and more big businesses are choosing to in-house many of their marketing functions. In digital marketing especially, the need for dynamic and constantly changing content has meant arms-length agencies are not able to meet this need.


In-housing is easy if you’re big!


In-housing seems to be the new trend. It’s certainly easier to in-house your marketing if you are a large and profitable company. If you are following the media around this space you will be familiar with Accenture’s recent purchase of Droga5. You may also be across Walmart’s decision to bring its digital advertising in-house or Unilever, who has set up its own digital content creative arm called U-Studio which now operates in 18 countries. The rationale behind these business decisions is functional control. For these companies, functional control far outweighs the resourcing costs. However, if you’re a smaller mid-tier organisation it is highly likely that the functionality doesn’t quite justify the resource cost. And no matter how hard you try, you will not get the right mix of the essential skills needed for quality marketing in one or two individuals.


The problem for mid-tier and smaller organisations however, is that the traditional outsourcing model doesn’t provide the agility and functionality required in modern marketing either.

If you’d like a little more information on the pro’s and cons’ of outsourcing, this article may be useful to you. “Outsourcing Services – The Pros and Cons”


Our Solution


Macrison offers highly skilled, on-demand marketing resources on fixed terms and at fixed prices. Therefore, we offer mid-tier companies the best of both worlds. That is, in-house capability and functionality at outsourced rates. We are unique!

We’ve traded successfully in this space now for 20 years and the key to our success is quite simple. A living fixed price brief! Your people and our people can talk as often as is needed to get the best outcome for your business. You can treat our people like they are employees because the price is fixed. It doesn’t matter what we have to navigate to get the best outcome, it’s a shared journey. We will always offer an expert opinion as you would expect, however, we also respect your knowledge and expertise in your business.


Our specialist services include:


  • Business strategy, marketing strategy and business visionaries


  • Client account management and support


  • Strategic and applied digital marketing expertise


  • Coding, web and app development and novel solutions development


  • Social media management, content management, CRM Systems management and copywriting


  • A full suite of creative, design and production services


  • Media buying


This article on CMSI will give you a great insight into how we approach marketing for all our clients. Every customer has unique problems requiring unique solutions. We define these and put key performance indicators to them and provide a fixed quote on delivering all requirements to plan.





It’s important to know your costs


We’ve been known to save our clients up to 25% of their existing costs whilst achieving better all round marketing outcomes. If you’re not sure of your marketing costs, this calculator may help you to build a better understanding of what your marketing is really costing you.


Calculator Disclaimer: Please note, any information you enter into the calculator is private and you can enter and change the information as much as you like without anyone but you being able to see the information. However, if you hit submit the last information in your calculator will be forwarded to Macrison. Macrison will guard your privacy and confidentiality. Macrison will never share any of the information provided except with the person who enters the data. Data specific to your business is deleted after 30 days. If you have any concerns with the privacy of the information, do not submit your calculations.



Contact us


If you’d like to explore in-housing or outsourcing of your marketing please give us a shout out. Or if you’d like to chat about marketing and business in general or you’d like to make contact from a networking perspective, again don’t hesitate to contact us. In any case, we’d welcome the opportunity to connect. Oh and one major promise… we will never try to hard sell you on anything. We look forward to hearing from you.


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