Know Your Customer

By: Joan Macdougal - July 30, 2018


Know Your Customer – Create Persona’s


To win at marketing today you must know your customer and you must be aware that they will know you. Ninety percent of customers today will have undertaken extensive research to prepare for a purchase. Do your know what their research will say about your business. To make sure your marketing is building trust, credibility and authenticity for your target market you must define your customer. Persona’s will assist you to do this. Personas are fictional, generalized characters that encompass the various needs, goals, and observed behavior patterns among your real and potential customers. They help you understand your customers better.


Define your company’s marketing personas


To create marketing personas for your company, use the following questions to help put yourself in the shoes of your typical customer and determine your persona’s role, goals, challenges, company, and more. Try to answering the questions below, don’t be surprised if you discover distinct personas emerging.


Personas detail questions to ask




  • What is your job role? Your job title?
  • How is your job measured?
  • Describe your typical day?
  • What skills are required?
  • What knowledge and tools do you use?
  • Who do you report to? Who reports to you?




  • What are you responsible for?
  • What does it mean to be successful in your role?




  • What are your biggest challenges?
  • How do you overcome these challenges?




  • What industry or industries does your company work in?
  • What is the size of your company (revenue, employees)?


Watering holes:


  • How do you learn about new information for your job?
  • What publications or blogs do you read?
  • What associations and social networks do you belong to?


Personal background:


  • Age
  • Family (single, married, children)
  • Education


Shopping preferences:


  • How do you prefer to interact with vendors (email, phone, in person)?
  • Do you use the internet to research vendors or products? If yes, how do you search for information? What types of websites do you use?


How to research your personas


Best practices


Buyer personas are:


1. Common behavior patterns

2. Shared pain points (professional, personal)

3. Universal goals, wishes, dreams

4. General demographic & biographic information



About The Author:


Joan - The author

Joan MacDougal is the founder and owner of Macrison Co Pty Ltd. Prior to Macrison, Joan held senior roles at both American Express and Telstra. With 30 years of front-line marketing, advertising and communications experience, Joan brings honesty and perspective to her views on better marketing, communications and advertising. Visit Joan’s website to get to know Joan a little better. For more information on our Services click here Macrison Services




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