We’ve been delivering all forms of marketing successfully now for 18 years. Before we market anything, we get to the heart of the problems you’re experiencing. We then plan and implement the solution required to get the business results you’re expecting. Solutions range from technology platforms, to traditional or digital marketing campaigns, to social media, product development, to content management and more. You’ll know up front what we’re recommending and you’ll know up front the price. We’ll manage our recommendations, after all we’re the experts and we won’t rest until we’ve achieved your goals.

We have a small but elite team of innovative and specialised marketers, all focused on building your business

Meet our Leader

Joan MacDougal
Joan MacDougal

I’m a master and I’m an apprentice… I’m a champion and I’m a competitor… I’m an innovator and I’m a student… Hi, I’m Joan.

I love complexity. I love unraveling things. I find problems and turn them into solutions. I love using innovation and marketing to make a business money. I see a world of absolute potential out there for everyone.

I set up Macrison 18 years ago after being constantly frustrated as a buyer of marketing. I knew there was a better way and I have no hesitation in saying Macrison is it.

I’ve had senior corporate gigs at Telstra and American Express and I bring everything I learned at these places into what I do today. But… I’ve also put my hand in my own pocket. I’ve built a business from scratch, successfully enduring the toughest economic times since the great depression. I’m a better business person for it. This is the experience I bring to the table when working for you.

With my technology, finance, marketing and business background. And with a great team of people around me. There is nothing we can’t see, say, design, plan or build to ensure your marketing is growing your business.

I am a specialist in behavioural marketing systems. Some people call them loyalty programs. I don’t. I don’t believe you can buy loyalty. But I know businesses can profit from win/win platforms where customer satisfaction is paramount and yet, not a costly liability.

I am passionate about integrated marketing; There is no single silver bullet to better results, it’s all about the mix of strategies, plans and platforms today.

I firmly believe marketing is the language of business. If your marketing decisions aren’t being driven by the board and senior management, any money you invest in marketing is being wasted.

So this is me. It’s how I approach my work. I and my team can deliver for you. I’d be delighted to hear from you at [email protected] or call on +61 2 9743 2266

Our company structure

Client Success Team

The key meaure of our strategic team is your results.

Monitoring Your Results

This team is about planning, measuring and reporting your performance against your investments.  We’ll keep you informed.

Digital Seekers Dept.

Our seekers keep abreast of the digital stratosphere.

Tech Team

These are our developers, SEO specialists, social media gurus. Or our lovable nerds. We’re at the bleeding edge in new age solutions for you.

Advertising Team

Gets you great ads across all advertising mediums

Rock Stars

From creative, design and production, to cross channel buying and placement, our ad team think they’re rock stars. And we couldn’t agree more!

Communications Hero's

Creating the stories that will showcase your business

Telling your story

In words or imagery and across all mediums our comms hero’s build content, copy and visualization to inspire your customers.

Client Services Team

We understand so we're on call and at hand when you need us

We care

We never want our customer’s to feel that they are any less important to us then any other customer. That’s our promise to you.

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Marketing, advertising and communications:

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