Managed Services

The Peace of Mind of having your Business in Safe Hands

Sometimes the smartest move a business can make is to find an expert they trust, a commerical arrangement that works and the satisfaction of knowing that you have good quality expertise on the case at all times, to make sure your business needs are being managed successfully!

We know, the most overused word in business! Here’s the thing though, it is important.

Having said this, it doesn’t have to be some complex, fifteen-page thesis.

In most cases, when we start working with clients, the strategy is there; it’s just very loose and usually poorly communicated.

To start to firm up your strategy, start with these three questions.

a. Why are we in this business?

b. What do we hope to achieve in this business?

c. By when?

The next phase is to mind map your answers.

For example, are the reasons you went into this business still valid. Has the market or other external factors changed? If so, what do these changes mean to your future direction? And so on and so forth.

We find the biggest impact we have on being a part of this process with you, is bringing fresh eyes to the table.

At the end of the process, you have a clear and communicable strategy that your entire company will understand and embrace. That is the first step to really great marketing, advertising and communications.


Ah, the fun part….’the plan of attack!’

Yes, that’s right, planning shouldn’t be burdensome, this is the very process of implementing your winning strategy.

This is the process of taking the words and building actionable steps to bring the words to reality; to life.

The planning creates the goals and the steps and tasks, to achieve those goals for all stakeholders in the process. Your plans need to be clear and concise and easily actionable.

They need to be aligned with your budgets.

Outcomes must be monitored and assessed against plans. They must be revised and renewed if not generating expected results.

Basically, good planning becomes the backdrop against which your business grows.

Budgeting is the make or break of managed services.

We’ve seen it so often. An agency provides a quote and then almost immediately starts back peddling and adding costs to the delivery of services.

That is not our approach to managed services! With us, you have the same surety of costs as if we were an employee. You can talk to us at any time about anything without having to worry whether it’s adding to your costs.

You see, with our managed services offering, if we know your strategy and have been part of the planning and budgeting, we can deliver all our services at fixed costs. No questions asked!

Under our model, you also have the surety of an annual fully costed and budgeted plan. Sure circumstances may bring changes to that plan, but these are addressed in a consultative manner, to ensure we continue to work to outcomes that are agreed and costed.

Yes, good managed services will reduce the overhead of employees, but that’s only valuable to you if the functionality of managed services are as robust and reliable as having in-house resources.

Macrison has been advising organisations for over 18 years on great marketing, advertising and communications strategies and plans. One keen observation we made early on in our existence was that often our clients weren’t sure of implementing them.

It hit us, why should they be, we’re the experts!

This revelation became the cornerstone of our managed services offerings. Who better to implement the strategies and plans than the people you trusted to come up with them.

As a potential buyer of managed services, you need to be asking how do you go about implementing your recommendations? For instance, do you outsource the work? If so how do you manage those resources?

Remember with a managed service you are going to be trusting someone with what we believe to be one of the most important channels of your business – revenue generation. Placing heavy scrutiny on finding the right partner is essential.

Great marketing, advertising and communications is the result of a well managed integrated mix of options and opportunities. Therefore it goes without saying that when considering managed services, you will expect the highest quality of management from your service provider.

You should expect that your marketing, advertising and communications is running on plan, on time and on budget.

Reporting should be such that you are aware and engaged in how your plans and strategies are being implemented, and how they are performing.

So, when considering managed services, make sure you know how a prospect undertakes management. What project management systems and processes they use. Macrison is happy to demonstrate its processes for effective client management.

Your communications should ebb and flow around campaigns. Whether they be large or small, you need to be enticing your prospective customers to your products and services.

Inbound campaigns are based on sharing value in your content to build trust and credibility. These can be running constantly across your complete suite of offerings.

Depending on the nature of your business, outbound campaigns are also highly effective. You will all have heard of the boxing day sales! You may have entered a campaign to win a prize. These are classic examples of outbound campaigns.

Click here to read our case study on the “Million Dollar Mango” campaign we ran for one of our clients.

When running campaigns there are a lot of steps which need to be coordinated and managed. Compliance and fulfilment are two critical steps that if executed poorly will undo all the good work intended for a campaign.

Social media is the internet’s version of word of mouth marketing. Ever since we can remember, any marketer of substance will tell you there is no greater form of marketing than word of mouth.

Therefore we claim, there is no excuse for any business not to be engaging in social media.

Here’s the thing though. Generating powerful, relevant and engaging organic social media requires time, skill and attention. For most businesses, that’s where having a good social media presence falls over.

As part of our managed services offering we take this on for you. We help bring your social presence to life and make sure it’s working hard for your business. Not only are we placing content on your behalf, we’re watching it constantly. We’re responding to comments and likes.

It’s about creating a sense of community around those that choose to share your business and it’s journey.

Newsletters or EDM’s seem like a great idea until you realise what’s involved with publishing quality, personal and relevant content, regularly.

The thing is, as you build quality leads and a database of customers, it is important to stay in touch with them. Technology today allows you to keep in touch in ways that make it personal and relevant for your audience.

They help keep your sales processes alive and kicking and this is vital in modern business. Your customers have so much power today. They have so much easy access to information to assist them in their purchasing decisions.

Your newsletter could be a search trigger for a customer, and that’s a win for you. Similarly, your newsletter could bring you into a search that a prospect has already commenced.

Either way, having your newsletter in the mix can be a game changer for your business.

Review, assess and act is one of our key mantras for great marketing.

Marketing, advertising and communications are a human science and the truth is we humans are unpredictable.  While your strategy is clear, even the best-laid plans can go astray when your potential customers don’t react the way we were anticipating.

Managing the unpredictability is part of great marketing. This is done by measuring your efforts, assessing them and updating the plan of action taking into account this new information.

Your marketing is a living, dynamic activity that requires constant monitoring, assessment and action. We take on this task on your behalf. However, for your peace of mind, we provide daily, weekly and monthly reporting as required so you always know where things are at, how things are going and what more you might like.

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