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There are so many ways to see, say and sell. Using the right tools in the right place enhanced by quality design and production is key to setting you and your business apart from those who dare to compete with you.

There is nothing worse than seeing a really great idea, concept or campaign diminished by poor visual representation. This is why graphic design is so important. Imagine going on stage to speak about your business. Would you do that without making sure you’re presenting yourself well? Graphic design is your way of presenting every other communication about your business professionally.

Your graphic design can be the difference between looking like a highly professional organisation or looking like amateurs. Many will tell you they can whip up a design, but in all honesty, you shouldn’t be looking for just a design. You should be looking for how that design will make a statement for you and your business.

This is exactly how Macrison approaches graphic design.

Can you say it with a video? If the answers is yes, then produce a video!

While there is quite a bit of science around making a video work in your communications, there is no doubt that video reaches more people. Google and Facebook have algorithms that drive video sharing above other forms of content sharing.

When we produce video’s for a client, we can do it at many levels. It could be rustic, socially oriented mobile phone videos for social media. We also do TV quality production and everything in between.

Our creative teams are focused on maximum engagement. Our editors work on things such as watching without sound or getting key points of attraction in the first 3 seconds of a production.

What’s more, a video doesn’t cost the earth anymore, so there is really no excuse for it not forming a part of your marketing mix…

“A picture paints a thousand words…” Reportedly first used by Frederick R. Barnard, in Printer’s Ink (December 1921), while commenting that graphics can tell a story as effectively as a large amount of descriptive text. And we are big believers in the sentiment.

Photography in marketing is developing and evolving in ways not imagined even 10 years ago. 3D and virtual reality is here, affordable and making an impact. We can explore with you how these tools can form part of your communications strategy and increase sales.

And yet, let’s not ignore the power of a humble photograph. Whether it’s on your website, in your social media or appearing in a brochure, you want it to speak a 1000 words.

When using a photograph to sell your product, you’d be amazed at the effort we go to, to present the perfect image.

In today’s buyer savvy landscape, relevant content is what will drive most of your lead generation and sales.

As you know, most buyers are 70% of the way through their buyer search and discovery before they have any direct contact with a potential supplier. They research the decision scrupulously with little care for what the suppliers claim to offer but rather how a supplier can best solve their problem.

Content must be high quality, relate to the buyer needs and be highly relevant. It also needs to be engineered and SEO’d for maximum reach and frequency of engagement. Finally, it has to generate and capture qualified leads with a high conversion rate to sales.

We approach your contents needs, knowing that we have the tools and expertise to meet our promises on content development, lead generation and sales.

Most of our copywriting business comes to us after a customer has struggled for hours trying to write the perfect words for their website or a publication of some sort.

We can’t tell you how often we hear… “I hated writing this stuff at school and at Uni, I don’t know what made me think I could do it for my business!”

If you don’t already know, developing great copy is hard work. It takes time, creativity and a love of words.

In your business, you need the right words to convey the right message using the right emotional engagement. Your words need to generate a response, an action and ultimately a return. This is how we approach copywriting for you.

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