Client: Cox’s Rd Mall

Cox’s Rd mall is a small, family-owned shopping centre. It has operated for more than 60 years.

Today, it lies approximately halfway between Top Ryde Shopping Centre and Macquarie Shopping Centre. Just this location alone explains many of the challenges they face.

Cox’s Rd in North Ryde was once a prominent retail precinct enjoying significant traffic to help generate trade. Over the years trade has been dropping and business is predominately supported by older loyal customers.

Our Challenge

For a variety of reasons, the centre was not in the position for a full rebrand.

Cosmetically, the building looks a little old and tired but at the time refurbishment wasn’t an option.

Somehow, we needed to bring some personality and energy to the centre.

The Strengths:

It’s easy to focus on weaknesses but the centre did have some strengths.

It had a good mix of stores and was convenient for picking up everything you needed in one place.

It had a great sense of community and good and well-intentioned tenants who were close with many of their customers.

Our Approach:

We decided to build a character that played on the old-fashioned values and nature of the centre. However, we also wanted to create a ‘modern retro’ feel so the brand appealed to a wider audience.

We came up with a working persona of ‘Modern Millie.’ She was to be young and beautiful. We wanted her to look like she was from a different time but that she still represented style and fun.

Meet Millie…

Tired Brand


Here are some samples of how we took a tired brand and by using Millie gave the brand new energy.

Email Header…

Tired Brand Header


Facebook Banner…

Tired Brand on Facebook


Busk Off Competition

Tired Brand Busk off


Tired Brand ad

Tired Brand 3


How does Millie bring a tired brand to life?

By using Millie instead of the logo as the key element in the branding we were able to engineer an emotional response. We gave the centre a more human focus and something with which people could connect.

By simply adding a human element to the branding we were able to give an old and tired brand a whole new look and feel.

Follow up surveys show both customers and tenants have taken to the character as a true embodiment of what the centre stands for.