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I sure am! Or at least everyday everyone else is in the office. I take my job very seriously… I keep morale high!!

Of course I can 🙂

If you buy a stand alone service we will quote you a fixed price for the job. The quotes will be based on the following price guide… Remember these are just guides. Joan always says by the hour we’re not cheapest but we’re not the dearest either. However, our fixed price commitment means what we quote is all you’ll pay and we’ll work to ensure we deliver an outcome you are very pleased with.

Graphic design – $90 p/h + GST

Photography – $120 p/h + GST

Video Production – $120 p/h + GST

Coding – $120 p/h + GST

Copywriting – $120 p/h + GST

Creative – $180 p/h + GST

Content Management – $180 p/h + GST

Strategy – $240 p/h + GST

I’m a black and silver Miniature Schnauzer. I just turned three and I’m very handsome!!! Everybody loves me and I love Everybody too!…  :o)

Yes… mostly. Ack and Vatsh and their teams are here in our offices in Sydney. However, there have been times due to the size and scope of a project where Vatsh or Ack may have used some offshore resources. That is usually driven by the client and not our preferred way of doing business.

I welcome everybody each day with lots of happiness. I’m there whenever someone needs to pat me. I like to share everyone’s meals. I’ve even discovered I like some of Vatshy’s Indian food!! :0)

Joan always says, the principals of great marketing apply to all industries, so we are open to talking to any business looking for great marketing.

Having said that we are currently active in:

  • Retail Marketing
  • Fresh Produce Marketing
  • Industry Association Marketing

We’ve served in

  • Manufacturing
  • Higher Education
  • Sport

Feel free to make an inquiry though. I promise you, if we can’t help you, I’m sure we can point you to someone who can. :0)

Yes, we are! Joan always says we’re an independent privately owned agency. We aim to bring quality and competitively priced services to all customers. If you need some designs done, we can help you. You’ll find our work very good, can be turned around very quickly and our pricing fair. Try us out :0)

We don’t have a set price for Websites. We quote on a case by case basis. Our aim is to make sure any website we build delivers to your business requirements. However, we are happy to provide obligation free consults on websites back by a fixed quote. So why not click ‘contact us’ and request a free consult. :0)

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All too often Marketing is blamed when a business underperforms. Whilst absolutely true, the elements of the marketing mix that are causing the problems are usually misunderstood. It's usually the advertising or marketing communications that get the blame. Truth is, if your marketing comms isn't working, the problem will usually lie elsewhere in the marketing mix...

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"A bad decision is made worse by procrastinating over the next decision. Analyse, assess and move on!"

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