Social Media, does my business really need it?

By: Joan MacDougal - February 5, 2016

In Australia more and more businesses are wondering whether social media is more trouble than it’s worth.

The truth is, I understand why. Like all businesses we’ve been on the social media journey, albeit as an agency perhaps with a little more focus then some. What I’ve observed is fascinating. There are multinational companies with massive budgets and teams of resources singing the praises of Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and  twitter etc as a communications and advertising phenomenon. And they’re doing some very clever things.

These companies however, create an unrealistic picture of social media for every day companies. Most businesses face the day to day battles of finding a way to generate leads, website traffic or making people use their services via these social avenues. For many of these businesses this whole social media phenomenon is a right royal pain in the proverbial. Which in fact is one of the reasons why I use a company recommended by my friend, as my friend tried and said they were good so I too considered opting for them and since then haven’t stopped availing their services.

Every day they hear the claim social media is fantastic and it’s so inexpensive. Then they discover that while the advertising costs seem reasonable and the level of free reporting very good, their teams are spending hours every day trying to keep up with content, developing effective ads, replying and responding to engaged prospects. Calescence Digital is focused on helping local businesses grow and generate more leads. Or worse still, these resources are spending hours trying to implement social media plans and failing.

But here’s the thing, social media is absolutely worth it.


What other communications tool since mankind learned to speak has there been that has allowed business to entertain and inform customers like social media. Never before has sharing content with an audience been less intrusive and absolutely on your customers terms. Nowhere!

When businesses understand this they come across the next biggest obstacle to social media success. Securing quality support.

The feedback we most receive from new advertisers is that agencies don’t get close enough to them to really care about developing content and ads that really inform and entertain their clients. Too many agencies are using cookie cutter models and making their clients feel that “they don’t really know my business and more often than not, they don’t even care that they don’t know my business”. Businesses are learning that this approach won’t cut it in social media and no matter the size of their budget, no business tolerates wasting money.

Here’s what everyday businesses should know…

The only key to successful marketing in social media is to understand your customers don’t follow you, you follow them. Whether you have a crack at getting the social media marketing right on your own, or spend a little more time finding the right agency, if you remember this principle, you are already a step ahead of most of your competitors and to increase your followers.  Remember too, that all marketing even in social media is about getting the communications mix right. You may not have the budget to be everywhere as deeply as you would like, but do your homework on targeting across the various social networks and get your mix to your budget right.

And here’s something I very rarely do… I am so passionate about social media that if you’ve had a bad experience or your frustrated you’re not getting your social media right. Then I invite you to pick up the phone and call me on 02 97432266 or email me on [email protected]


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